Monday, October 27, 2008

New Blog

After writing yesterday's article, I realized it had brought back a lot of memories. And I also realized that one helping of Disney just wasn't enough. So I decided to create a new blog. I hope you'll visit it occasionally, and I promise to keep it interesting.

The new blog is all about Disney — the history, the characters, the organization, the movies and the music of Disney through the years. And it's a kid-friendly site, so don't worry about your children or grandchildren visiting. They won't find anything there you wouldn't want them to see or read about.

The first installment on the new site is more or less a recap of what I posted here last night with a little more personal information added to set the stage. But I'll post something new on there tomorrow. I'm also planning on having giveaways occasionally for Disney-related merchandise. So, if you love Disney, you're going to love this new blog.

I hope you'll visit, and please feel free to leave comments. We bloggers thrive on them.

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