Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girly-Girl Stuff

One of our readers e-mailed me recently and asked for more girly-girl stuff on this site. I wish she hadn’t done that, because I’m not great at writing that type of material. But I racked my brain and come up with one item I do remember.

So I did a little research. And I’m pretty certain this posting would fall into that girly-girl category. Maybe it will take some of you back to your high school days for a few minutes of remembering. Perhaps you owned one. The item I’m referring to is the legendary Poodle Skirt.

It was perhaps the look in young women’s clothing that is most associated with the Fifties. They were very popular and quite common at sock hops. Had they known that item would be immortalized as an icon of the era, more of those young women might have saved them. How many of you still have yours? If you do, send me a COMMENT, or better yet, a photo. I’ll post it.

For any of you guys who are still with me at this point, (yeah, right) in case you’re too young to remember, or too old to remember, a poodle skirt is a wide swing skirt with a poodle transferred onto the fabric. Although poodles were the primary object d’art for the skirt, other items were used as well, including flamingos and hot rod cars. (It was the fifties. Remember? Hot rods were the thing. And Poodle Skirts.)

But it was by no means all that women wore. I mean, you can’t wear a Poodle Skirt every day, can you? That would just be wrong, wouldn’t it? Of course it would. Even I know that. So, to keep from having to wear that pesky Poodle Skirt day after day, the girls of that era also had an assortment of pleated skirts in their wardrobe, as well as something known as a pencil skirt. If anyone knows what the heck that is, let me know, because I haven’t a clue. I did learn that the pencil skirt was popular because women didn’t usually wear pants in those days. But that's changed. I think most of them are wearing the pants now.

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Katie said...

Pencil skirts are now back in fashion. As far as I know, the Poodle Skirt has yet to make a return. I had never heard of the Hot Rod Skirt, but I might wear one today if I could find one!