Sunday, November 16, 2008

Elvis - Love Me Tender

There's not much that needs to be said about this subject. Everyone knows Elvis. We've listened to his music. We've watched his movies, and seen him on television. I'll come back to Elvis at a later date and do a more fitting article. But I'm going to rest my fingers and just let you enjoy it today. The video below is from his first movie, Love Me Tender. It's appropriate that we have it on here today because this is the day it premiered in New York City way back in 1956.

Just click the video above and enjoy. You may have to turn the volume up a bit. And when you finish watching this one, there's another one, a rather longer one, on the sidebar that has several other icons of the fifties included. It's from an old television appearance. It may be from the Tonight Show when Steve Allen was the host. It includes Steve, Elvis, Andy Griffith and Imogene Coca. The sound isn't great, but it's typical of the comedy we enjoyed back them.


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