Friday, November 7, 2008

Short Post - New Stuff

I've spent quite some time tonight building the Jukebox you see above. Did you hear one of those great fifties songs playing when the page loaded?

Well, since music was such a huge part of the fifties, I figured we needed a little bit of that on here. So, as I said, I built us a new Jukebox with old songs. There are also a couple from the sixties, but I just had to include them.

Now here's the deal. In the old days, you could get three songs for a quarter. Today you can get every song on the playlist for free. So click on whichever ones you like and dance a little if you want to. But be careful. You don't want to lose your balance and break a hip.

But it gets even better. There may be a favorite song of yours that isn't included in this list. If so, no problem. I have room for an additional 149 selections. If I can find it, I can load it in here so it will be here the next time you stop by. So just click that pesky COMMENT thingy down there and tell me what you want to hear. Even if it's from the sixties. I don't know if should venture into that crazy music of seventies yet. But just let me know what you want to hear.

1 comment:

Bobbie Dawn said...

This is fun - I haven't heard one eyed purple people eater in forever!