Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I must be having a sugar craving. My mind is suddenly back in the fifties again with the thought of Nik-L-Nips. Remember those?
I didn't remember that was the name of them until I did a little research. I just called them "those wax coke bottles with the juice inside." I know you remember them.

I loved them, but I always thought there was way too much wax and not nearly enough juice. Even so, you could still gnaw on the wax for a little while and get a tad more of that sweet nectar. At least for a few minutes. Then you would get a sore jaw and a headache.

Another item we all recall, despite our failing memories, is the Popcicle. How could you ever forget those? It was the main name brand, but there were lots of imitators. And similar products still exist today. You can get them (along with everything else you need) at Walmart. I used to love to suck the juice out of those things until there was only a faint tint of color left behind. Why? I don't know. Because I could, I guess.
But my favorite in this arena had to be the Dreamcicle. It was orange on the outside with a velvet-smooth vanilla ice cream center. Yum! I wonder if those are still around.

And I've already mentioned the Valomilk in a previous post. If you want to read it, just click the Valomilk Link. There was nothing quite like them. If you click on that Valomilk link, and read the comments, you'll notice that Russ Sifers himself (the fourth-generation owner of the company) actually left one. How cool is that?

Remember the Slo-Poke? That was a favorite at the Saturday Matinee when we were watching War of the Worlds or The Day the Earth Stood Still. They seemed to last a long time. Fortunately most kids in the fifties didn't have crowns on their teeth. A Slo-Poke is a quick crown-remover.

There were many other sugar delights during those years. And we loved them any time we could get lucky enough to get one. If you remember some of the other favorites, add a comment and remind me.


YesterUkes said...

One of the strangest 50s sweet treats we enjoyed were candy cigarettes that blew "smoke" when you puffed on them. Who knew cigarettes were evil? Surely, no one -- or our parents would not have bought them for us!

Bob McDonnell said...

I love trivia and 50s. As a freelance writer, I did a newspaper feature on retro candy.
In addition to the candy cigs, there were bubblegum cigars.

I also liked Valomilk but don't forget the multi-flavors of Chuckles.

Anonymous said...

Being an old timer and experienced the first Worlds Fair in NY 1939 -- of course enjoyed all the 50s you write about.
Loved watching the Sat. & Sun shows on our 10" Black & White TV screen. All the variety shows like Ed Sullivan, Milton Berle &
the Circus shows -- Big Top, Super Circus. What ever became of all these great shows?? You tube doesn't show any more than 1-3 shows. There are Great acts and more to be shown.
Candy cigs,Valomilk, Chuckles. Wonder Bread was my favorite, and there was a commercial on Profile bread I loved to watch. Sure wished the present time was more like the old time. Thanks for the enjoyable article --- It brought back pleasurable moments to me.
B. Phillips