Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Duck and Cover

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’re probably familiar with the term “Duck and Cover.” You may have seen the video (actually it was probably a 16mm film back in those days) when you were grade school. The video above is from the original 1950 airing.

We have a lot of unexplained mysteries today. The Mayan calendar predicts the world to end in 2012. Apparently, the government is building facilities to house and protect the "chosen ones" should this occur. The rest of will have to fend for ourselves.

And if you've never visited the Denver Airport, that's a whole different mystery in itself. Jesse Venture has investigated it and he seems to think there's something strange afoot.

So, with the threat of nuclear war still at our threshold, just as it was then, I thought it might be a good time to revisit those instructions, just so everyone knows what to do.


Anonymous said...

Looking back on this now shoulds how totally inane it was. Really it was just a way to get you to get ready to kiss your ass goodby. How scary and ridiculous that some people actually believed you could survive an all out nuclear war. Best not to survive in my opinion.

Michael said...

You're absolutely right. I think if you're close enough to see the flash, you're pretty much done for anyway. It was probably a tactic to make the clean up easier afterwards. Neat little packages, you know.

Bob McDonnell said...

I don't remember the film, but an elementary student in the 50s I remember the concept.
We went to the halls by our lockers, very similar to what we did for a tornadeo drill. (in Iowa)

It's a miracle any kid got a night's sleep after seeing that film.
Thanks for sharing.

Michael said...

I remember doing that as well. I'm glad if it brought back some memories for you.